Tuesday, October 4

Apex Legends introduces Maggie La Fiera as a new Legend

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have presented their new trailer announcing Apex Legends: Endurance, the last big update of the shooter of heroes and battle royale free to launch worldwide on February 8.

Maggie La Fiera enters the Arena like a wrecking ball, offering players A first look at the new Legend in action. “Maggie La Fiera, a ruthless punk-rock warrior and the most evil of the Savage Lands, is already known to fans for her longtime friendship with Fuse, as well as her previous forays into the Wilds. Apex Gamessays Respawn. More details on Apex Legends: Resistencia, which will be available soon on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

Soon celebrate its third anniversary

Celebrate the third anniversary of Apex Legends with three weeks of rewards. Dive headfirst into Apex Legends: Resistencia and get for a limited time legends, theme packs and a legendary pack.

  • Week 1 (from February 8 to 15): Feel the speed in week 1 and permanently unlock Octane and three theme packs.
  • Week 2 (February 15-22): Charge up in week 2 and permanently unlock Wattson and three theme packs.
  • Week 3 (February 22 to March 1): Take to the skies in Week 3 and permanently unlock Valkyrie, three themed packs, and one Legendary.

In addition, it has recently been seen on the PSN database a version of Apex Legends native to PlayStation 5, which suggests that coinciding with the third anniversary -February 4- We will see the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S taking advantage of the new consoles.

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