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An actor from ‘La Casa de Papel’ offers to box at the Ibai Llanos evening: fights between celebrities

El actor Jaime Lorente, the famous ‘Denver’ from the series ‘Money Heist’, has applied to box in a boxing evening organized by the popular streamer Ibai Llanos.

“The Evening of the Year II will be held this summer. Who wants to participate should reply to this tweet. It will be the event of the year. I assure you,” Ibai Llanos shared with his more than 7.2 million followers on Twitter.

Jaime Lorente, who was the interpreter of Rodrigo Daz de Vivar in the series ‘El Cid’ and became popular for being ‘Nano’ in the ‘lite’ series, responded to Ibai Llanos’s tweet with the emoticons of a hand with the index raised to sign up for the evening.

“How?” Was Ibai Llanos’ surprised reaction to Jaime Lorente’s response.

“Candidacy officially presented”, replied Jaime Lorente to put an end to all doubts.

How was the first evening of boxing among celebrities organized by Ibai Llanos?

The first boxing evening organized by Ibai Llanos It was held on May 27, 2021 and was a great success on the Twitch streaming platform, reaching over one and a half million viewers (1,544,829).

In that Evening I famous youtubers and streamers fought. The first fight was Torete vs Future, with a clear victory for the second.

The star boxing match of the first evening was the one that faced Mister Jagger with Viruzz, which Mister Jagger won on points.

The main fight of the evening was the one between Reven with Elmillor, which Reven won in a five-round bout.

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