Saturday, October 1

A bug in the PS4 trophies hints at the possible backward compatibility of PS5 with PS3

The possibility that PS5 will receive backwards compatibility with the PS3 catalog via update is one that has been discussed for quite some time, but especially in recent weeks we have witnessed various clues that may lead us to think that this functionality could reach Sony’s next-generation console and that in fact it could. early. Not long ago PS3 games began to appear in the PS5 digital store (although they cannot be purchased) and today has been a bug with ps4 trophies which has revealed new clues.

If you have tried to check your trophies tonight you may have noticed that some PS4 games appeared without any progress no achievements. This failure has occurred both on consoles and on the PlayStation mobile application. Specifically, in this section of the PS5 menu, games with the title have also begun to appear. ps3 logo instead of with the PS4 one, which is the one they should have. as they have commented various twitter users after noticing.

The error has already been solved and if you go now to review your trophies everything should appear in order, without any type of failure in the logo. However, the presence of the PS3 logo has again raised suspicions about a possible arrival of PS5 backward compatibility with this system: why is there a logo for said console in the menu of the new generation? Is Sony working on implementing the PS3 catalog on PS5 and that is why these failures are occurring? Will they be simple mistakes that have raised more expectations than they should?

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Possible advantage of the new PlayStation subscription service?

At the moment all we have are conjectures and unanswered questions, in addition to some patents that demonstrate the possibility of this functionality; from PlayStation they have not confirmed or denied anything of the arrival of PS3 games on PS5, something that was also mentioned that could be one of the advantages available to subscribers of the new service that the company intends to launch in the spring combining PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now in the style of Xbox Game Pass.

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