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You can now pre-order Triangle Strategy for Switch at GAME with a set of gift cards

Offered by GAME Spain.

Square Enix will publish its next tactical role-playing project on March 4 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Is about Triangle Strategy, a peculiar title that also stands out for having that pixel art HD-2D brand of the house. In GAME have already opened Bookings of the game and those who pre-purchase it can get an exclusive gift: a set of cards.

  • Reserve Triangle Strategy and GAME
  • Turn-based strategy in HD-2D

    In Triangle Strategy we will live one war between three nations who battle it out for control of dwindling salt and iron reserves in a tactical RPG with turn-based combat that maintains the peculiar HD-2D style with which Square Enix already surprised in Octopath Traveler. In addition, a decision-making system is integrated here that will enhance one of the three ideals: we will control Serinoa, heir to House Wolffort, and our choices will have an impact on profit, morality or freedom, something that will mark the protagonist’s vision of the world and the course of events.

    The elections They are not the only thing that will mark the course of history, but also the combats will have a fundamental weight in this experience. Although they are turn-based battles, the position of our units be important when it comes to finding the most advantageous way to finish off enemies. They can be carried out strategic actions more classic, like flanking the enemy to hit from the side, and others that take advantage of the terrain, like pushing enemy units into electrified water to deal double damage.

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    You know, if you want Reserve Triangle Strategy for Nintendo Switch you can do it in GAME to get a set of exclusive cards as a gift.

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