Saturday, October 1

Video Tutorial ZOOLOCO • Console and Dashboard

Overlay transparent cards to shape different animals. It is the task in ZOO, solitaire board game indicated from 4 to 12 years old. Parakeets, ducks, donkeys, stoats, crocodiles, cows, beavers and chickens, among many others, make up 50 challenges at 4 levels of difficulty.

After choosing one, we locate the cards that make it up. The orientation of the cards and the order in which they are placed will determine the result, as we see in this 2 and a half minute video tutorial. It allows discovering the contents of the box and its rules.

Logic, attention and visual perception are some of the disciplines with which they work, without forgetting the identification of shapes and colors, planning and imagination. This novelty from Clever Games and Imagiland is the work of Patimpatam, who is also in charge of the design. It is presented in a metallic box.


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