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They reveal that Nintendo did not want to add Super Metroid in Metroid Prime | LevelUp

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Some time ago there was a rumor that those responsible for Metroid Prime decided at the last minute not to include Super Metroid as bonus content. Now, one of the former workers of the game confessed that it is true, and it was all because Nintendo stopped them.

Metroid Prime It was originally released on the GameCube in 2002 and surprised by its impressive graphical appearance and its renewed gameplay for the franchise. One of the details that delighted the fans was that the game included as a gift Metroid, the first title of the saga.

However, in recent statements with KiwiTalkz, the former developer of Metroid Prime, David Kirsch (known as Zoid), confirmed that the original plans were to add to Super Metroid.

Here you can see the full interview:

As you could see, Kirsch revealed that he managed to load the game from the SNES to Metroid Prime, but that it was the unofficial nature of the emulator he was using that caused Nintendo to call for its removal.

However, after that sad news, and thanks to his efforts, the company agreed to include the first Metroid as a gift.

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In addition, the developer (since retired), shared other elements related to the work process in Metroid Prime, where he specified that Shigeru Miyamoto supervised them at all times and recognized that the Japanese have a good eye for detail, all in working hours that extended up to 100 hours per week.

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