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Pokémon Legends Arceus reviews its most important details in this new trailer in Spanish

  • Pokémon Arceus Legends: Release Date, Price, Editions and Gameplay
  • Few days left for the premiere of Leyendas Pokmon Arceus, despite the fact that its broadcast hours on Twitch already number in the thousands, and from Nintendo they have wanted to anticipate the expected launch by publishing a extensive triller in which they review the keys to the new title of the saga Pokmon. It is a six-minute video in which a narrator, played in Spanish by the actor Alfonso Valls, tells us about the fundamental details of the game.

    This overview trailer begins by reviewing the region Hisui, which over the years would become known as Sinnoh, and the Pokémon that live in it. In this way we are reminded that at the time in which it is set Leyendas Pokmon Arceus The relationship between humans and these creatures was very unusual, which serves as the basis for the main objective of the game: to collect information from the wild beings to create the first Pokdex in the region.

    A completely new approach to the saga Pokmon

    To carry out this objective we will have to be well equipped, supplying ourselves both in our own Jubilee Villa as in the camps that we will find scattered throughout the different areas of Hisui (which we remind you that not be an open world as such, but be divided into large-scale scenarios). We can use different tools and gadgets, like the predecessors of the Pok Ball, and also take our Pokémon for a walk so that they weaken the ones we want to capture. will also be important study the creatures, understand their routine and their way of life.

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    Leyendas Pokmon Arceus It will go on sale next Friday. January 28, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Those who want to go to launch knowing as little as possible will have to be careful, because there has been a leak that can gut the most surprising details.

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