Friday, September 30

Japanese magazine could be hinting at an unannounced Kirby game

With Kirby and The Forgotten Land just around the corner, it was safe to assume that the only Kirby-related news we’d get would come from the next installment in the series. However, that may not be the case. Twitter user Dededaio recently shared an image from a Japanese Nintendo magazine that could be hinting at the reveal of an unannounced Kirby game.

As Dededaio points out, the text in the image translates as: “The new issue will be released on Monday, February 21. In addition to detailed news on Kirby and The Forgotten Land, we’ve also included a new game you wouldn’t guess! I have a feeling a new title will be announced.”

Now, this quote could mean two very different things. It could be hinting at an unannounced Kirby game, or it could be hinting at a new game in general. However, with Kirby’s 30th anniversary upon us and Nintendo teasing “a variety of #Kirby30 activities coming soon”, this would be the perfect time for them to announce a new Kirby game.

Other than that, this rumor doesn’t seem to have any drawbacks. If the magazine’s claims are true, Nintendo fans are in for a surprise announcement of a new game, whether it’s Kirby-related or not.

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