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It’s the end! Nirvana NFTs confirmed and will be released on Kurt Cobain’s birthday | LevelUp

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The trend of NFTs is unstoppable and every day that passes there is information about those interested in this type of tokens that continue to divide opinion but that, in the end, seem to establish themselves as one of those fads that will drive many crazy before becoming extinct and go down in history An important part for NFTs to be on the rise is the support of companies, brands and important characters from various industries and this time it was the turn of one of the most important rock groups in history: Nirvana.

NFTs are inevitable and there is no way to stop this trend

Although the punk and alternative rock movement formed in Seattle, Washington in the late 1980s rose up against the established order in the music industry, in the end this same industry was responsible for turning it into a fashion, packaging it and selling it. wholesale under Grunge label. The most representative band of those years was Nirvana and part of their legacy includes the opinions of Kurt Cobain against the voracity of corporations. Well, it was to be expected that the NFTs would show no mercy to anything or anyone, and according to information from The Gamer, Pop Legendz, a group specialized in NFTs related to the music industry, will release a collection of these tokens based on 28 unpublished images of the Seattle group during a concert in 1991, the year in which they reached the top with their album Nevermind.

Sorry Kurt, the corporations won.

The future is shaping up for there to be NFTs of everything and everything, including video games

As if this were not controversial enough, it was confirmed that this collection will be put up for auction on February 20, Kurt Cobain’s birthday, and the expectation is that there will be bids for significant amounts since Nirvana is a quite a brand. lucrative

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NFTs are unstoppable at the moment and the fact that large companies and personalities have bet on them only validates them for the common public, although the chances are very low that these tokens will become a financial before and after for this type of stakeholders.

Precisely, that is what has made us think that NFTs will get into wherever they can, including video games, since the success of digital content that is offered in countless titles is considered as the previous to a spending boom considering that it is selling a “digital property”. Recently, Mike Shinoda, a musician from Linkin Park, generated controversy by defending the use of NFTs in video games and although there is still a sector that opposes it, it seems that little or nothing can be done in the face of the onslaught of the great interested in make a lot of money with them.

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