Wednesday, September 28

Gran Turismo 7 will be 90 GB in size on PlayStation 5

Grand Touring 7 launches on March 4 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Officially Polyphony Digital has not revealed the size of the download -or installation in the case of a physical version- but PlaystationSize on Twitter has revealed that be close to 90 GB -89.4 GB specifically- in the case of PS5. This account collects information in the PSN database and gives an idea of ​​the minimum size that the pre-download will have, which begins on February 25. Of course, a release patch that adds to this figure is not ruled out.

We don’t know the size of the PlayStation 4 version but it will probably need even more space even if on PS5 there are higher quality textures or audio; Usually the versions for PS5 take advantage of a compression system and the data is optimized thanks to the use of SSDs; for example, Tales of Arise it occupies 20 GB less on PS5 than on PS4, and Subnautica It occupies 14 GB on PS4 and 3.5 GB on PS5.

In any case, the news should not surprise the players of Gran Turismo Sport, which with the successive updates of vehicles, new circuits, events and landscapes for the Scapes mode currently exceeds 100 GB. We do not know the plans for Grand Touring 7, but hopefully it will also add to the content for months and years after release.

A Gran Turismo in classic style

Gran Turismo 7 recover the classic campaign mode, the enormous customization of the cars to optimize their times, exceed 420 vehicles and continue with the improvements incorporated with GT Sport, such as the vinyl editor or photo mode Scapes. On PS5 you will make use of the benefits of DualSense, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. You can now reserve a special 25th anniversary edition that includes a physical copy of Grand Touring 7 for PS5 and a PS Store download code for the PS4 version, plus various extras in game credits, car, soundtrack and more. You can learn more with our preview of Grand Touring 7.

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