Wednesday, August 17

Elden Ring confirms its duration and shows more than five minutes of official gameplay

As the launch of Elden Ring, which has already reached the stage gold of its development we are getting to know more and more official information of what’s new from FromSoftware. If a few days ago we showed you the image of a new and savage enemy, now we bring you more than five minutes gameplay that Bandai Namco has shown during the Taipei Game Show, an event that has taken place these days in the Taiwanese capital and that has precisely closed with the presentation of the new videos of the gameplay of Elden Ring.

Under these lines you can see a compilation of all extracts from gameplay the Elden Ring that have been shown during that event. In some you are going to recognize scenarios that we have seen before, both in trailers and in the closed beta that took place in November, but there are also news and details that are perhaps less known, such as enemies, levels, weapons and armor.

Cunto durar Elden Ring?

In addition, in that same event, an interview with Yasuhiro Kitao, producer at FromSoftware, has taken place, in which he has talked about the duration of Elden Ring. Kitao has explained that depending “significantly” on each player, but that the idea is that the main route can be completed in about 30 hours. Of course, it ensures that the content available in the game will offer “many dozens of hours” and speaks of a “vast world” that we do not need to fully explore to finish the game.

In Vandal we have already been able to test Elden Ring and in our impressions of the beta we tell you that the new FromSoftware has us excited and we are increasingly clear that it is going to be one of the best games of the coming year”, highlighting that we are facing “a title that starts from the base from Dark Souls to evolve it and take it to a new terrain with an open world that makes exploration a real pleasure, but not forgetting the challenging and exquisite combat that has taken the studio to the top of the industry, as well as its spectacular level design.

Elden Ring arrive the February 25 a PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One y PC.

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