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Crossout Mobile will bring its post-apocalyptic driving to iOS and Android in early February

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have announced that the mobile version of Crossout, its popular post-apocalyptic driving game, will launch on devices iOS and Android in early February. Specifically in Spain we can download Crossout Mobile for free on February 3 if we have a smartphone with Android operating system, where pre-registration has already opened, and on February 10 if we want to play it on iPhone or iPad. In either case, as we said, being a free game with a model free-to-play.

Those responsible for Crossout Mobile define this title as an action game developed from scratch to bring the gameplay Crossout to mobile platforms: “The warriors of the Wasteland ride post-apocalyptic armored vehicles and fight for the remains of resources in the ruins of the civilization of the Earth that we know”, we can read in the official press release, which is accompanied by a gameplay trailer of this title. You can see it below:

Vehicular combat in apocalyptic scenarios

The vehicles of Crossout Mobile can be personalized with weapons of all kinds, from machine guns and shotguns to more futuristic devices like the tesla cannon. You can also equip armor and defense modules, such as one that grants invisibility, always taking into account that it does not exceed the 40 pieces, because otherwise you will not be able to move due to the heaviness. That’s right, any of these components can be destroyed during combat.

Each player will have to create your own unique vehicles using the countless pieces available, then go into battle representing one of the five available factions. Crossout Mobile count on several mapsLike an abandoned oil derrick in the middle of the now bone-dry Adriatic Sea, or an old space shuttle launch facility still waiting for the power-up order.

Under these lines you can see a gallery with new images from Crossout Mobile.

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