Friday, September 30

Best Buy PS5 restocking sold out: where to find the inventory below

Update: Best Buy is now out of stock on both PS5 consoles. Be sure to follow our PS5 restock guide for news on the upcoming restock.

The Best Buy PS5 restocking is back. If you didn’t manage to get a console in the last replenishment, now is your chance to secure a machine. The retailer has the PS5 in stock for $499 via this link. As of 2:50pm ET, they’ve also just added a PS5 Digital for $399 via this link.

Unlike some previous Best Buy revivals, which required an expensive $200 Totaltech membership, this revival is open to the general public. So head to the retailer using the links below right now before the console is out of stock. Console tracker first detected resupply matte slider in the shortcut.

Best Buy PS5 Restock

PS5 Restock Tracker: Stores to Check

How to buy a PS5 at Best Buy

As with most retailers, setting up a Best Buy account ahead of time should be your first priority. You want to make sure your payment details and address information are pre-saved to save precious time in your checkout process; that could be the difference between securing a PS5 and coming up empty handed.

Previously, Best Buy PS5 restocks required you to refresh the product page until you see either the yellow “add to cart” button or the gray “please wait” button. However, Best Buy’s new process puts it in a queue. A popup says it will “verify your account” and check inventory. Therefore, it is worth logging into your account as soon as possible.

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If you see that the PS5 is no longer available, you may want to try again through an incognito browser window. Repeat the process until you (hopefully) manage to score a console.

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