Saturday, October 1

Amnesty International launches Rights Arcade, a video game about human rights

Amnesty International has published a video game for mobile phones with the aim of making future generations aware of the importance of human rights. Rights Arcade is already available in iOS Y Android completely free of charge and includes several stories based on real situations in which people around the world have seen their lives compromised. human rights. It is not currently available in Spanish, but it will be updated soon with new translations into several languages.

In Rights Arcade we will live closely three real experiences: The story of Ahmed Kabir Kishore, a cartoonist wrongfully accused under the Digital Security Law in Bangladesh, Zhang Zhan, a citizen journalist sentenced to four years in jail for reporting on COVID-19 in China, and the story of Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul, a student activist who faces 25 more charges for protesting in Thailand.

On a mechanical level, the game emphasizes decision making with the idea that it is the players themselves who learn, reflect and act at their own pace while delving into the stories that are narrated. We can choose between the three stories in a start menu in which the passes in which they occur appear, and from then on we will play with a system of sliding cards in two dimensions which seems to resemble the one in the saga Reigns.

Raising awareness of future human rights defenders

“This game has been conceived so that all people, especially young people, can learn about human rights in an interesting way and be encouraged to do so,” he explains. Agns Callamard, Secretary General of Amnesty International, in a press release. “Young people are critical to setting the human rights agenda, now and in the future. Reaching out to them in the spaces they occupy, or regularly interact with, is key to enabling new generations of activists to fight for human rights and protect them, and are empowered to do so, now and in the future.”

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