Sunday, September 25

Above Snakes kicks off its Kickstarter campaign • Console and Dashboard

As planned, Above Snakes already on Kickstarter. This proposal from Tobias Schnackenberg and Crytivo invites us to travel to the Wild West, with zombies in between.


The objective of the campaign is to shape its PC version, which would see the light through Steam. To do this, you need to raise the 26,000 euros set as an initial goal. Depending on the success of the campaign, versions for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch could be unlocked.

Among the rewards to acquire, is access to the pre-alpha version. It is scheduled for March 2022. It is remembered how strategy and construction will shape a fictional world, whose objective is to survive and, incidentally, unravel the mysteries of the territory.

After a huge explosion, many people lost their lives. They would soon wake up from the graveyard, forcing the survivors to draw their weapons to fight what had once been their loved ones. It will be the player himself who generates the world through which he moves, to be built using isometric tiles. With them, he will shape different biomes.

There will be no shortage of decision-making when it comes to expanding the world. If he dies, he will always return to base, resetting himself. You will need to manage resources, create weapons and take advantage of the effects of each action. Of course, you can furnish your base into a real home. Combat will require a combination of weapons and skills.

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