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70-Year-Old Warcraft Player Banned After Mistaking Him For A Bot | LevelUp

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Playing an MMO alone is not something common, after all this type of title is designed to be enjoyed in the company of other users and the most successful titles account for many hours of fun and challenges met by groups of players. However, going outside the standard can be counterproductive and this is what happened to a veteran gamer who enjoyed World of Warcraft You have encountered Blizzard’s security system.

a player of Warcraft 70-year-old was punished by being mistaken for a bot

A few weeks ago, a player of World of Warcraft asked for community support on Blizzard’s game reddit after assuring that his father, a 70-year-old man, had been banned after a company review process that determined that it was a bot and not a real user. According to the information, the username and character of this 70-year-old player was Zanegreen and his experience in Warcraft comes from the expansion Burning Crusade.

However, this player decided to enjoy Warcraft in his own way so he dedicated himself to exploring, leveling up and keeping his character well without the company of others. Unfortunately, this behavior in the game was considered by the Blizzard security system as that of a bot applying a 6 month punishment.

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The Player’s Son Warcraft and the community caught the attention of Blizzard

After confirming the sanction, Zanegreen’s son asked Blizzard for a review, but his requests through the company’s official channels were ignored, so he sought the support of the community to find a solution.

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Fortunately, a Blizzard representative realized what had happened and contacted Zanegreen’s son, promising to review the case. According to this member of the company, the security system acted as expected and the appeal was rejected because previous experiences show that those responsible for bots are capable of inventing anything to continue doing their thing and annoy other players. .

Despite this background, Blizzard asked both players for proof that it was a real event and that Zanegreen is indeed a game player. World of Warcraft at 70 years of age and who has chosen to enjoy the title in his own way. The result was positive and this veteran gamer got his account back.

Finally, father and son, both players of Warcraft, thanked the community and Blizzard for paying attention to the case and the 70-year-old is happy to return to this world of adventure and fantasy.

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