Thursday, December 8

Xavi: “It’s a crucial victory that the players needed”




Xavi Hernandez has recognized that the Only has suffered and has not played well in Vitoria, but he has highlighted the great importance of the triumph at a sporting level and, above all, to improve the low state of mind of the locker room.


“Winning means gaining confidence and continuing to believe in what we do. It’s hard for us to win because we created few chances. The game wasn’t brilliant. You have to criticize yourself. We’ve dominated and had possession, but it’s hard for us to generate one against one, It’s hard to know when you have to be patient… but we’re in the fight for the top positions. We got a very important victory, only Real Madrid had won here. It’s a crucial victory for confidence and to continue working. I’m very happy for the group, the players were suffering. We knew how to suffer. These are three spectacular points”.

turning point

“The results give it. We are not in the best situation in the world or in the history of the club. The victory will give us morale and confidence”.

Frenkie de Jong

“During the break, I said that we had to try, that we had to create, generate, have confidence… maybe they are not confident and we have to recover the group emotionally”.


“We were looking forward to this game. We tried. Today it was expensive. Keeping a clean sheet is also important. I’m not satisfied with the game, but we won. Everything costs. Everyone has a hard time winning. Here only Real Madrid. But we have to play better, interpret the model better. The players are also in a low state of confidence. They have celebrated it. It is not easy to play at Bara, the shirt here weighs 20 kilos more than in another team. Today the sun has risen to minus one degree.

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“It will be very good for us. We are one point away from the Champions League. The break will be very good for us, to recover people and our style. It will be great for us. It will give us life”.


“The situation is the same. It doesn’t change.”


“He is a wonderful footballer, who at only 19 years of age who does everything well is spectacular. How he looks, how he perceives… It is the excellence of the idea and the model of the game. He can lead by character, quality, ambition… It’s wonderful to have him on the team.”

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