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They will use Dreams, the PlayStation game, to build the world of a movie | LevelUp

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Dreams, the latest project from Media Molecule, is really ambitious. More than being a game, it is a tool that allows you to unleash your creativity. Thanks to this, several players have created amazing gaming experiences that leave us speechless.

That said, the uses of Dreams They go far beyond the world of video games. It is a tool that some artists have turned to to express themselves. The clearest proof we have is that they will use it to create the world of a movie.

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What happens is that, according to Deadline, Sony Pictures Classics announced that it has the distribution rights to A Winter’s Journey, the new animated film from acclaimed filmmaker Alex Helfrecht. It is a story that will combine elements of real actors with computer generated graphics and painted animation courtesy of the artists responsible for Loving Vicent.

The interesting thing is that the world of the film will initially be built on Dreams, the Media Molecule game. Thus, this acclaimed video game will be a central part of a product from the world of cinema, demonstrating the enormous potential it has.

“Never before have we seen a project like A Winter’s Journey, which promises to unite world-class cinema and extraordinary painting techniques with one of the great song cycles in music history. Audiences will joyfully embrace this unique theatrical experience,” explained Sony Pictures Classics.

What do you think about this new? did you imagine that Dreams was used in the world of cinema? Tell us in the comments.

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