Saturday, October 1

They discover a major security breach in Dark Souls 3 for PC

The gaming community of Dark Souls 3 is warning of a security breach in the PC version of FromSoftware’s game. This is a remote code execution violation, which would create a gateway to potential hackers through this title. At the moment few people know the method, but it is precisely they who have warned of the seriousness of the matter and have asked the responsible companies to act to solve it. From Bandai Namco Europa assure that they have already transmitted the information to “specialized teams” that would be Working on it.

“A new remote code execution vulnerability has been discovered that is serious in nature and easier to execute than previous ones,” we can read in one of the posts. post from Reddit that warns of this security breach. In that same message it is made clear that It’s not the first time Dark Souls 3 presents a failure as, and even has a mod that prevents malicious attacks by other players online. This is the way Blue Sentinel, would have already been updated to protect against the new breach, but even so those who have discovered it recommend not playing online until there is an official solution due to the magnitude of the vulnerability.

How does this new security breach work? Dark Souls 3?

Although there is still little information about the security flaw, what we know so far is that the vulnerability would allow other players to execute code on our computers taking advantage of the invasions online from Dark Souls 3. In this way, our team will be at the mercy of the hackers, who could access our private information, bank details, corrupt the PC or run malware to carry out actions as a cryptocurrency miner, all without us noticing, according to a user alert.

For the moment, yes, it seems that we can be moderately calm because the method has not come to light: The players claim that only a small group of around four people know how to carry out this process and that, since they are the ones who have given the alarm signal, they do not seem to have a special interest in taking advantage of it to harm other players.

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