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The return of Chrono Cross? Game Composer Excites Fans | LevelUp

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Last year culminated in the midst of very interesting rumors for fans of the RPG genre, as the clues indicated that one of the most remembered, Chrono Cross, I would return. After no revelations materialized, it seemed that this had been a false alarm, but new clues give fans hope.

On January 21, Ysunori Mitsuda turned 50 and of course his followers took the opportunity to congratulate him. The creative then responded to the displays of affection with a message in which he apologized for the impossibility of thanking individually.

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Is there a revelation of something related to Chrono Cross?

What caught the attention is that in the tweet he mentioned that he will express his gratitude through his work and anticipated that the revelation of one of his projects is scheduled for next month.

“Thank you very much for your birthday messages. I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to each person. This thanks will be returned to you at work. As soon as possible, if lucky, we’ll announce the first one next month, so please look forward to it!” !” reads Mitsuda’s message.

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We remind you that what originally made fans think that Square Enix was preparing the announcement of the remake of Chrono Cross is that an informant had assured that a game was in development that had a history with PlayStation, which was already being talked about after a leak from Nvidia. Then the rumors were reinforced when singers claimed that they were working on a PlayStation game.

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A collaboration for the mobile game was confirmed last December Another Eden, which carried great content from Chrono Cross. This was a bittersweet announcement, as it showed how good a remake would look, but it lowered the mood of the fans, since all these rumors apparently only led to this collaboration.

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You can find more news related to Chrono Cross if you visit this page.

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