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Streamer Wanted To Get Rid Of The Bots, But Ended Up Deleting His 6,000 Followers | LevelUp

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The first month of 2022 is almost over and you may have already made a mistake so big that you feel like you can take home the fail of the year award. However, no matter what you have done, we believe that you are not the favorite to get this recognition. We say this because a streamer recently ended up deleting the 6,000 followers he had worked so hard for.

As our friends from Tarreo, a few days ago the content creator known as Evan Gao was doing a stream on Twitch. In it, he appeared purging his account of all those bots that come to his account and do nothing more than artificially inflate his number of followers.

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However, there was a problem with the process: Gao forgot to activate the filters that ensured that he only removed the bots. As a consequence, he completely deleted all the more than 6,000 followers he had on Twitch, leaving his account at 0.

Fortunately Gao’s fail was not that big. We say this because he only deleted his followers, so his subscribers remained intact.

You can watch the painful moment below:

The steamer took things with humor and ended up benefiting

Fortunately, Gao took things with a good humor. In a clip available on his Twitter account we can see him laughing about the incident. He even made a joke on Twitter showing that he could laugh at his mistake.

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In addition, it should be noted that everything indicates that the situation ended up benefiting him. What happens is that his channel already has 7,362 followers, more than he had before his huge mistake. Apparently Twitch helped him get them back, plus several people subscribed to his channel. Who says mistakes don’t make you stronger?

What did you think of this story? Do you know of such a big bug on Twitch? Tell us in the comments.

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