Wednesday, September 28

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem shows the first ten minutes of its frenetic Russian action

In just a couple of days a new independent expansion from Serious Sam 4, the new installment of the fun Croteam saga edited by Devolver Digital. It is a very peculiar project that has been co-developed with Timelock Studio, a group of Russian developers known for being members of the mod community. Serious Sam. That is why Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem changes the traditional setting of the franchise for a much colder one inspired by the most hostile regions of Russia. This peculiar experiment coming to PC on January 25 with a recommended price of 19,99 in Steam Y GOG.

Those responsible for this project announced the game only a week ago and have now published an extensive gameplay ten minutes in which we can see some of the keys of Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem, that in addition to changing the setting to a colder one, will also have new enemies These include “some of the most advanced and intimidating creatures you’d ever expect to see,” according to the project’s own official description. Obviously we will also have new gadgets, weapons and vehicles with which to face them, from the legendary AK to the experimental Perun crossbow.

Five levels set in Siberia

But without a doubt what stands out the most here is the change of tone with respect to the setting of Serious Sam 4: In this new independent expansion -which does not require us to have the base game- we will visit five new levels set in the heart of Russia, a new setting notable for its size and unpredictability, as well as the sheer number of secrets that await us in it. Arctic coastlines, desolate forests, abandoned villages, and even a spooky ghost town; all created with the idea of ​​giving us enough space to fight and explore as we please.

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Those responsible for Serious Sam: Syberian Mayhem assure that no need to have played Serious Sam 4 to enjoy this. The last installment of the saga was published in September 2020, you can read our analysis at this link.

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