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Really? They make GTA V playable on an original Game Boy | LevelUp

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If there is one thing for sure in life, it is that the talent and ingenuity of programmers knows no end. We have already seen how technology enthusiasts achieve wonders that take our breath away. Now, a user was able to bring one of the most successful video games in modern history to a portable console from more than 2 decades ago. And yes, the end result is impressive.

We refer to Sebastián Staacks, a talented programmer who is famous for his technological creations, which he shares and details in his personal blog. He recently managed to get the attention of the gaming community by achieving an unthinkable feat: making it possible to play Grand Theft Auto V on an original Game Boy. For that, he had to build another equally interesting artifact first.

Grand Theft Auto V llega al Game Boy

Specifically, the programmer got down to work to perform a cartucho WI-FI, which allows you to play virtually anything that appears on your computer screen on the Nintendo console. Of course, his invention still had a lot of room for improvement, so he later managed to get the sending hardware to recognize the buttons on the console.

In this way, Sebastián Staacks managed to take the action Grand Theft Auto V to the portable console through the magic of streaming. In the demo video we see how the title runs at about 20 frames per second, while it is very difficult to distinguish what is happening due to the quality of the screen. Either way, it’s an impressive achievement.

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Finally, the programmer showed how other titles look in motion. In the footage we can see segments of Super Mario World, Crysis and of course, DOOM. Likewise, he played some YouTube videos.

But tell us, what do you think of the curious invention of this technology enthusiast? Let us read you in the comments.

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