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PlatinumGames’ next shoot ’em up, Sol Cresta, already has a release date | LevelUp

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Hideki Kamiya is a lover of old-time shoot ’em up games, as are other members of PlatinumGames. For this reason and true to its freedom and desire to work on fun projects, the studio announced last year that sun crest, a game that was previously presented as an April Fools’ Day joke, would be a reality and, if you still doubted the existence of the game, prepare yourself, that very soon you will be able to play it.

The title was going to debut in 2021, but at the end of the year it had to be pushed back to 2022, but the good news is that the wait won’t last that long. As promised days ago, PlatinumGames held a broadcast today in which they presented more details of the game, which was showcased with several minutes of frantic gameplay typical of a space shoot ’em up.

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when will it debut sun crest?

The most relevant thing about the stream, however, was the announcement of the premiere date of sun crest. If you are waiting for this title, we have excellent news for you, because we are 1 month away from its availability: that’s right, sun crest It will debut on February 22 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC (and will also be playable on PlayStation 5 through backward compatibility) and will be priced at $39.99 USD.

In the transmission of almost 2 hours, Hideki Kamiya and other creatives were interacting with the viewers and the team took the opportunity to present, in addition to gameplay, the great main illustration of the game, in which you can see the 3 ships that you will control: Unit 01, Amaterasu; Unit 02, Tsukuyomi; and Unit 03, Susano, which together is called Yamato. It is also possible to see their pilots.

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Then we leave you the original art and below the complete transmission.

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Image: PlatinumGames, via Hideki Kamiya

How about sun crest? Are you a fan of shoot ’em up games? Tell us in the comments.

sun crest will debut on February 22, 2022 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (and will be playable on PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility). You can find more news related to the franchise Crest if you visit this page.

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