Wednesday, August 17

One to one of Real Madrid against Elche: comments and live ratings

CCarlo Ancelotti recovers Benzema and Militao and gives way to Hazard, whom he loaded with positive messages at yesterday’s press conference.


Back to routine for 1 after the break in Elche. Pleasant afternoon. Everything that comes to him is without real threat. But the first time that Elche really threatens is to score.

Lucas Vzquez

New ownership for Lucas, and he is 16 in the 24 games he has played. Da to be seen in attack. Active in recovery. About to accidentally score in a lateral center.


He returns after missing the Elche match for the red in Arabia. Without work behind, he dares with snatches to break lines. It does not arrive in the jump that ends in Boy’s 0-1.


Increasingly leading. Little demanded behind. He hits a golden pass to Benzema long in the 27th minute. In the 0-1 play he doesn’t coordinate with Militao in Boy’s mark.


Rest in Elche, but it is indisputable. The first acceleration is on your side. His head prevents a clear chance for Elche in the 14th minute. Good arrival to the rival area in the 24th minute, but Benzema does not reach his passes. About to tie as soon as Elche put the 0-1 on the scoreboard. It is the best of Madrid in attack.


“It’s unique,” Ancelotti said yesterday of him. He tries Bada with his left foot in the 19th minute, but it doesn’t go well. The one that finishes the most. Try the average with a low right hand to which the Elche goalkeeper responds with a futsal save.


The German starts the match as the Real Madrid player who makes the most passes (1,778) and the safest in that art (95.18% accuracy). He tries to leave Lucas alone against Bada, but the pass is a bit long. He brushes the 1-0 with a shoe from outside the area. Every time he opens the game to the right wing it is a clinic. He meets a save from Bada to prevent the goal on his splendid free-kick just before half-time.


The idol of Bernabu and in a second youth that almost seems better than the first. Claim the ball to create. He has not just come into play and his team notices it.


Ancelotti puts him in eleven with the message that he hopes it will be his day. He starts from the right, but as soon as he can, he lets go of that unnatural area for him. Active. Very smart on Casemiro’s occasion at half an hour.


Repos in the Cup and returns to his place in an attack in which he marks everything that is done to the point that when Madrid is not there he becomes disoriented. Look for partners to create danger. Wonderful control at 27, but his shot is taken out by Bada. First penalty that fails with Madrid. He was 16 of 16. The three he had wasted were with France. Madrid had scored 33 in a row since Ramos failed against Sevilla in May 2018. He tries with his left foot on the verge of the break.


He seems to lack some freshness, but his value to the team is beyond debate. The first is his, but he has to invent something that was doomed not to come out because Lucas Vzquez closed his options by getting too close to him. The penalty is awarded to him, which is very clear.


It is important to open distance with Sevilla. Ninth time he has the Belgian starting. As surprised as everyone that the first to score was Elche. His team has done more than enough to win, but it’s up to Ancelotti to find solutions to what is a defeat at half-time.

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