Friday, September 30

Now available the skin of Vi, from League of Legends, in Fortnite

Fortnite continues to expand its character roster with new crossovers with universes like League of Legends, the popular MOBA from Riot Games. A couple of months ago we told you that Jinx, one of the best known characters in the game and the protagonist of Arcane, the Netflix series, will join the staff of the battle royale with a skin own. Is now his sister, vi, who reaches the successful free-to-play from Epic Games with an outfit also inspired by the animated series.

Vi Arcane is the new outfit resulting from the collaboration between Epic Games and Riot Games for the promotion of the Netflix series. this package ya is available in the shop of Fortnite -it was published today at 1:00 a.m. (Spanish peninsular time)- and in addition to the outfit of the co-star of Arcane also includes the Memories of Zaun backpack accessory (sold with the outfit), Guardian of Piltover hammer pickaxe, and emote Boxing practicein addition to the loading screen The best of Piltover. Under these lines you can see a triler de Vi en Fortnite.

Jinx goes back to the store Fortnite to accompany his sister

Taking advantage of the launch of the skin of Vi, the outfit of Jinx has returned to the store Fortnite Limited Time. During these days it will be possible to purchase the Jinx Arcane set of this heroine, which includes the Jinx Arcane outfit, the Jinx Cymbal Monkey backpack accessory, the Pium Pium Crusher pickaxe, the theme of the room Playground (instrumental), available on the original soundtrack of Arcane. This bundle also includes Jinxed graffiti and loading screens Wreaking havoc and BOOM!.

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After the release of the Vi Arcane skin, which was leaked before its official announcement, we can wait for the arrival of other characters coming from other fictional universes: specifically, the incorporation of Mary Jane and the Green Goblin from Spider-Man, the skins of hawk eye by Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. Of course, perhaps the most important leak is the one that ensures that Tilted towers They will be back this month.

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