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Norway puts an end to the triumphant streak of the ‘Hispanics’ in the European

AOne day it had to come. After four years and 17 games undefeated in the European, the Spanish team lost its unbeaten record. Y happened against Norway, a team that had been since 1997, 19 duels without bending the arm of the ‘Hispanics’. The defeat (23-27) stops Spain’s trajectory, but still depends on herself to reach the semi-finals. The victory on the last day of the main phase against Poland, already hopeless, would give him the pass. But he will need to show a better version than the one shown against the Norwegians.

to selection casualties have begun to accumulate at a height of the competition in which the forces are not enough. the of Anthony Garcia came to erode a position, both in attack and defense, already weakened by the contagion of Joan Cañellas. And although he joined the cause Danny Sarmiento, convened as an urgent appeal, and also dressed in short Ian Tarrafeta, the team appeared limping for most of the game.

Norway transformed the frustration accumulated in so many defeats against the ‘Hispanics’ into an extra motivation about the need he had to add points to continue in the European Championship. And he effectively carried out what was best for him, deactivating Spain’s game creation at all costs, up to the limit allowed by the referees, which was very broad.

Faced with this fierce opposition, Spain could not miss its opportunities, but that was one of its shortcomings. It has been one of the teams with the least effectiveness in the launch among those who fight for the top positions, and in this game he repeated that defect. At 15 minutes he had only scored five goals (5-10). Only Aleix Gómez had the necessary success. The Norwegians, like the Russians two days before, summoned the Spanish front line from a draw, but this time there was no appropriate response, no outside launch or procedures that would outwit the defenders. It was clear that Casado had been thoroughly studied, because the maximum Spanish director could only make a shot in the first hour, courtesy of Bergerud.

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Spain never got to take the game by the lapels and Norway lost respect for him. NOr did Sander Sagosen need a lot of minutes on the track? to create serious problems for the Spanish defense, which briefly and without result tried a 5:1.

The outlook did not invite optimism (11-14 at halftime), but this team has come out of worse ones with that self-confidence. It seemed like he made it when Sarmiento, with only one training session behind him, really entered the game and put clarity and skill in the attack . Spain came close to a goal (19-20), at which time the Norwegian coach returned Sagosen to the track.

It was not his star who changed the drift. Rather The reserve goalkeeper Saeveras achieved it, which was decisive for Spain to stay 11 minutes without scoring. Ribera looked for alternatives, played for the first time a 2:4 with two pivots, and repeated the open defense with Ariño ahead, but it did not give much result. The Norwegians always found, with a point of fortune in the rebounds, the way to reach the goal. Corrales, who had replaced Pérez de Vargas, reduced damage, and in the last minutes, the first line that had been so tied, was able to uncover and reduce the margins of defeat, in case the goal difference comes into play on Tuesday to determine the two teams that go to the semifinals.

Spain missed its first opportunity; perhaps also the priority to ensure a less inclement crossing, and almost everything is at the expense of that game against Poland.

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23 – Spain: Pérez de Vargas (Corrales); Maqueda (6), Ángel Fernández (1), Figueras, Casado (3), Aleix Gómez (5, 1p) ; Chema Marquez, Gurbindo, Pecina. Sarmiento (1), Ariño, G. Guardiola (3) Sánchez-Migallón (1), Solé (1), Tarrafeta

27 – Norway: Bergerud (Saeveras); Sagosen (4), Barthold (6, 1p), Bjornsen (2), Gullerud (4), O’Sullivan, Reikind (4); Aga Overjordet (2), Overby (1, Toft (4), Tonnesen

Bookmark every five minutes: 2-2, 3-5, 5-10, 9-12, 10-13, 11-14; 14-17, 19-20, 19-22.,19-24, 21-26, 23-27.

Referees: Pevicevic and Raznatovic (Montenegro). They excluded Maqueda and Casado por España and Overby, Aga (three times), Tonnesen

and Toft for Norway.

Incidents: Match of the third day in group II of the main phase of the European Championship. Ondreja Nepelu Arena in Bratislava.

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