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Nintendo deletes the videos of the Pokémon FPS made by a fan | LevelUp

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A couple of days ago we told you about an FPS game from Pokémon who was creating a fan of the saga. Now, it seems that his project is in danger since Nintendo has entered the fray and is eliminating all the videos related to the interesting shooter.

There is no doubt for anyone that Pokémon it’s one of the strongest franchises out there right now, so it has a huge fan base who imagine what the games would be like if they took a big twist.

Pokémon FPS received a Head shot

One of these fans was the user known as Dragon, who has been working on an FPS proposal for more than a month. Pokémon where he showed us what it would be like to grab different weapons to take down the creatures, all with Unreal Engine.

However, it seems that the enormous noise that said proposal made reached the Nintendo offices, so the company seems to have issued a copyright claim (its specialty, then) and all related videos have already begun to be deleted. with fan work.

Here is an example:

As you probably know, Nintendo has been a bit conservative (to say the least) with its intellectual properties and takes legal action against emulation sites and almost any fan-made project.

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It is worth mentioning that Dragon’s work can still be found on Reddit, although now the hopes of all those interested in trying this curious shooter are less and less.

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