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Netflix will expand its catalog with traditional video games to have the ‘best’ service

That Netflix is making a strong commitment to enter the video game industry, it does not surprise anyone: in September of last year, the video-on-demand platform announced the purchase of Night School Studio, a developer of video games. Oxenfree Y Afterparty, and a few months later he launched his subscription gaming service in mobiles that is already available in Spain integrated in the same monthly fee.

Now the company has assured that its plans are not going to stop there, but that it intends to expand to offer the “best” video game service of the industry, as stated in IGN. These statements come from Reed Hastings, CEO de Netflix, who has held a meeting with investors after presenting a shareholder report in which there are also mentions of the strategy that the company will carry out with respect to video games.

“We have to differentiate ourselves by genius, it doesn’t make sense to just be there,” explained the CEO of Netflix at the meeting, adding: “We are definitely growing and we are not to be. But we have to please our subscribers with the best in the industry.” In conclusion, Reeds asked the person who asked this question to ask him again when Netflix is ​​”winning games”, a way of making clear his total commitment to the industry. of the video game.

They will launch traditional video games in 2022

To the words of the CEO we must add a declaration of intent that we can read in the report for shareholders recently published: in it we read that Netflix is ​​very happy with how its subscription game service on mobile devices is working, although they also assure that in 2022 will expand their services both with games casual as with other more traditional genres (what they have literally defined as ‘core gaming genres’) with the intention of offering a wide variety to discover what kind of experiences are best received by their subscribers.

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Since the launch of mobile games in its iOS and Android application, the company has added a total of 10 titles very focused on the platform on which they are available: they are casual games like Shooting Hoops, Cards Blast The Bowling Ballers, although there are also some more traditional formats such as Stranger Things 3 The Asphalt Extreme.

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