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Life is Strange Remastered Collection retrasa su lanzamiento en Nintendo Switch

Since Life is Strange Remastered Collection It was announced in March of last year, its launch has been delayed twice: the first time, due to the pandemic, it affected all platforms and meant a postponement until some indefinite time in 2022, now that we already knew that the game will be launched. February 1, has suffered a second delay that only concerns the Nintendo Switch version. The official account of the franchise on Twitter has confirmed that this delay again leaves the remastered versions of Life is Strange Y Life is Strange: Before the Storm in the hybrid

The rest of the platforms, that is, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia, will receive both remastered titles on February 1. The Nintendo Switch version will arrive sometime in 2022, an undetermined date that it shares with the new generation editions for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S; these enhanced versions are officially announced, but they also don’t have an estimated release date (although the day the collection is released it will be playable on these consoles for backward compatibility).

why is it delayed Life is Strange Remastered Collection en Switch?

The reasons the developers have given for delaying the release of Life is Strange Remastered Collection in the hybrid they are somewhat diffuse, simply pointing out that they need to work more on that version“We’re sorry to share that the Nintendo Switch versions of these games have been slightly delayed and will need more time to be ready, so they will be released later this year,” they explain in the statement. In that same text, the community is asked for understanding and it is anticipated that an extended look will be published on tuesday january 25th to the collection.

The game of the series Life is Strange that s has already reached Nintendo Switch is Life is Strange: True Colors, the latest installment of this franchise that can be enjoyed in the hybrid through a cloud version that leverages cloud gaming technology. It is also available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC, you can read our analysis at this link.


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