Wednesday, October 5

Keys vs Badosa, live Australian Open women’s round of 16


SERVE BADOSA. Madison Keys continues to do a lot of damage with her right hand. 40-40 Badosa’s double fault at the worst possible moment 40-A The Spaniard loses her serve again, and is once again behind on the scoreboard. 2-1

SIRVE KEYS. First time in the game that Paula Badosa puts Keys in complications with the rest. Badosa has been released. 40-40 He has already scored the same return points in this game as he did in the entire previous set. 40-40 The first break ball in the entire match arrives for Badosa after Keys’ ball went into the hall. 40-A Keys’ right hand stays in the net and Paula closes her fist. 1-1

SERVE BADOSA. Two winners from Paula to save two break options for Keys at the start of this second set. 40-40 The best version of Badosa comes out at the most delicate moment. Save the third break point with a long and powerful backhand. 40-40 The American has missed a fourth break option. 40-40 Paula’s backhand stayed in the net and Keys started sending in this second set. Very delicate situation. 1-0


SIRVE KEYS. With authority the American takes the first sleeve. He closes it blank and with a revealing fact: only five points scored by Paula Badosa to the rest. 6-3

SERVE BADOSA. Great backhand shot from Paula to close out the game in her favor. Now he has the difficult challenge of preventing Keys from being able to certify the first heat with his serve. 5-3

SIRVE KEYS. Another game that the American wins with authority with her service. He has only been able to score five points against the rest of Badosa in this first set. 5-2

SERVE BADOSA. The American is subtracting very brilliantly. Badosa continues to have problems with his first service 15-40 The Spanish saves two break balls. You need to regain lost confidence. 40-40 The longest game of the match. Paula wants to stay alive in this first set and has already saved three break options. A-40 The rest of the Keys leave and Paula screams knowing how important it was to win this game. 4-2

SIRVE KEYS. First blank game of the match favorable to the American, who has this first round well on track. 4-1

SERVE BADOSA. Two consecutive double faults from Paula. Very nervous at this start of the match the Spanish. 0-30 Third double fault in this game and new break option. 30-40 Save break point with an ‘ace’ on the second serve. 40-40 Badosa needed to win this game and he succeeds after a forehand that beats Keys. 3-1

SIRVE KEYS. The American continues to dominate, very aggressive from the start of the match. 15-0 first direct serve 30-0 With another powerful serve, Keys closes the third game of the match in his favor. 3-0

SERVE BADOSA Paula’s second serve fell short and Keys was unforgiving with her forehand. 15-15 Two break balls for the American after taking advantage of a half court ball from Badosa. 15-40 The first break of the match arrives in favor of Keys, who has started the match with authority.

SIRVE KEYS. First point in favor of Keys after the Spaniard hit her forehand with the cane. 15-0 Winning first right for the American, her best shot 30-15 Keys parallel revs to score the first game of the match (1-0)


There are already eight consecutive victories of Paula Badosa, who arrived in Melbourne as champion of the WTA 500 from Sydney. Jorge García’s pupil is already number one in the female ‘Armada’ by ranking once Garbie Muguruza will be eliminated at the hands of Alize Cornet.

If the tennis player from Begur advances one more round, where will she be measured? Madison Keys, also overcome the injured Karolina Pliskova to enter the world ‘top4’. Big words. We are undoubtedly facing the best moment of the professional career of the player born in New York.

There is no precedent in the face to face between both tennis players. The American already knows what it is like to play a Grand Slam final (US Open 2017) where she lost to Stephens. If Badosa achieves victory, he will reach the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam for the second time in his career after Roland Garros 2021.

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