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“I am totally exhausted”, Auronplay recounts his difficult fight against COVID-19 | LevelUp

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It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic remains a global problem. Despite vaccination campaigns, the nations of the world are on alert due to the worrying increase in cases of the new Omicron variant. It is clear that, today more than ever, no one is exempt from getting infected, as the popular and successful Spanish streamer Auronplay demonstrated.

Apparently, the content creator was infected earlier this year, which is why he spent more than 15 days in quarantine and had to miss the Esland Awards last week. After several days of struggle and anguish, she finally spoke out on the issue in hopes of raising awareness in her community.

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Auronplay: forget about being able to sleep

Through an extensive Twitter thread, Raúl “Auronplay” Álvarez detailed the health complications he suffered as a result of the disease. Of course, at the beginning of his publication he states that his goal is not to create fear, but simply to warn and make his followers a little more careful when meeting with their friends.

“The first 5/6 days with a high fever, reaching peaks of 39.7. You take a paracetamol, it goes away for exactly 2 hours and then it comes back even stronger. Forget being able to sleep. Every night shaking in bed with terrible nightmares, “commented the content creator.

Auronplay claimed that, once the fever was gone, he was still shivering with cold and suffering from “a spectacular headache”. He affirms that COVID-19 is a curious disease, because the fever comes and goes. As the days passed, he also experienced a strong cough and runny nose, all while losing his sense of smell and taste.

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“More than 15 days have passed and despite not having a fever, I am absolutely exhausted. I go up some stairs and I notice that I really get tired. I do streams and when I finish I have to take a paracetamol”.

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Finally, the Spanish content creator acknowledges that, despite already feeling better, January was “absolutely disgusting” because of the virus. Before concluding, he assures that he has the 2 doses of the vaccine and reiterates once again that he does not want to instill fear, but simply encourages his followers to be careful.

It is worth noting that, despite still suffering from the effects of COVID-19, Auronplay this week began streaming Squidcraft Game, an event of Minecraft inspired by The Squid Game where 150 streamers will compete for a prize of $100,000 USD.

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