Friday, September 30

Fortnite Players Are Desperate To Get Old Loot Llamas Back

Here is a question for all of you Fortnite players out there, what do you think of the llama loot? These illusive supply packs have long been a staple of the battle royale shooter and have gone through their own big collection of changes over the years. Now that we’ve landed on a brand new island, a portion of the player base yearns for the flames of the past.

A bit of history for those who don’t know the history of Loot Llama. Right now in the game, the loot llama is a real animal that runs away from you if you try to open it to get the treasure it carries. However, that wasn’t always the case, and Fortnite players that have been around for a while may remember that they used to be containers that you could simply walk into and open.

The change to Loot Llama came with the alien invasion in Chapter 2 Season 7, and as you can imagine, it made it a much more difficult task to loot the loot they provide. Now, with Fortnite in its third chapter, there is a case being made for the old Llamas to return.

Reddit user Corbinmar post to the Fortnite subreddit summarizes many of the main problems that people have with current llamas. For some, opening the flame before it escapes is too much of a chore, the ammo cost of doing so makes the rewards not worth it, and the noise a player makes in the process often leads to giving away their position.

On the surface, making Loot Llama a real challenge to open is a great idea. But with all those drawbacks, it’s easy to see why some would be deterred from approaching them. Warzone players who played during the Festive Fervor event will be well aware of the noise issue, as Krampus was often a death sentence for his victims (especially solo).

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Now let’s balance this argument a bit. If you’re able to open the flame, the rewards can really be what you need to get back in the game, especially if you’ve just come back from a firefight that has depleted a lot of your resources. Players who can trap the llama by building walls around it eliminates a lot of the problems they’d otherwise face, making loot much easier to come by as long as you have the patience to sneak up on it.

If you look at other Battle Royales, you can see similar challenges thrown at players looking for big loot. In Apex Legends, Hot Zones have a better chance of getting better loot early in games, but they attract a lot of squads, leading to early battles. Back in Verdansk, Warzone players could find themselves with red rooms full of prizes, but they would also have to parachute back into the map, making them vulnerable to gunfire.

It is clear that the Loot Llamas issue is not easy to solve, and a solution that makes everyone happy is difficult to find. So what do you think? Should the Loot Llamas undergo any changes or are they perfect just the way they are? Tell us in the comments!

During Christmas, Boba Fett was added to Fortnite as the latest guest character to appear in the Battle Royale game. Fortnite also remains blacklisted on the iTunes Store following the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games last year.


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