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Danger! They find vulnerability in Dark Souls III that could damage your PC | LevelUp

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the community of Dark Souls is one of the most passionate in the video game industry. Despite the fact that the first titles in the franchise debuted several years ago, there is a good player base that continues to play them online, especially Dark Souls III, the latest installment in the series. Unfortunately, a very serious problem appeared today that can harm users’ computers.

Through the Discord community of THE FIRE RING and reddit, players made a call not to play Dark Souls III because they found a vulnerability in the game that allows hackers or other users with malicious intent to take over their equipment against the player’s will.

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How hackers affect Dark Souls III?

As reported by many users, this works through invasions, a feature of the installment’s online game. Dark Souls. As explained, this new remote code execution (RCE) exploit allows, as its name implies, to run a program or code of another user on the player’s machine remotely and without their permission.

This is too serious, as hackers or invaders can cause damage to players’ PCs, examples of this are running malware, crashing the computer, or even stealing banking or login information.

You can see in action the way these invaders operate thanks to the stream of The__Grim__Sleeper (via OtzdarvaYT), who was playing a game with his friends when, through an in-game invasion, a user intercepted the game and caused code to be executed that closed the game and displayed images and a text-to-audio message.

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How to avoid vulnerability Dark Souls III?

SkeleMann, one of the users who documented the situation recommended the use of the mod Blue Sentinel, which is especially useful in online play as it helps to recognize hackers during online play Dark Souls III and prevent them from damaging the user’s PC. However, the user also reports that this mod is not effective against the new RCE. So the only warning was not to play Dark Souls 3 online.

The good news is that the warnings from the community have already reached the ears of Bandai Namco, so we have no doubt that they will soon release a patch to correct this vulnerability. It is important to say that, however, Bandai Namco has not talked about this problem publicly through its social networks.

the community of Dark Souls apparently solved the problem

However, little time had to pass for the community of Dark Souls got down to work to wipe out the invaders and hours after the problem was known, the Blue Sentinel team released an update to the mod that, according to the information, would be enough to allow users to play online again without no worries.

However, we recommend you not to play online Dark Souls III. We remind you that this fan solution is from a third-party program (an unofficial mod), so you need to have it installed for it to work. So far, the game itself is unable to prevent this vulnerability. However, we recommend you take extreme precautions around Dark Souls III.

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Dark Souls III is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. You can find more about him if you visit his file or if you consult our written review.

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