Wednesday, October 5

Bungie challenges Destiny 2 players to maximize their mobility, and they’ve done it

It seems that Destiny 2 players can rise to any challenge. It took some Guardians less than 24 hours to push the changes in the latest game patch to the extreme.

Revision was released on January 20 and included a rather interesting change: players can now increase their mobility stat above 100 “without detracting from their cooldown timers.” Bungie stated at the time that there was “no real benefit” to increasing this number to that point, but that didn’t stop players from taking up the challenge. “Seriously, go ahead,” the patch notes read. “Max out that stat. We dare you. Show us how high you can go with your mobility.”

And Reddit absolutely did. User SpaceD0rit0 got an excellent score of 180. TheBuffMuff1n made it through a whopping 200, but that’s not even the highest number posted on the subreddit. TSM_Hooks85 beat that score a 202, cheekily asking Bungie if he was “getting nervous” with all these high numbers. JoblessCobra took a fun route and managed to drop its own mobility score to a flat zero.

This just goes to show how active the Destiny 2 community is, especially when it comes to new challenges. There will be an all-new expansion to conquer when The Witch Queen launches next month, on February 22, across all platforms where Destiny 2 is found. The Witch Queen raid will open its gates a little later, on March 5. .

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