Tuesday, October 4

70% of video game developers say they have no interest in NFTs

Game Developers Conference has published its traditional video game industry status report with surveys over 2700 developers on the hottest topics of today, as well as on its future perspective. Some of the questions revolve around the NFT (non-fungible tokens, in Spanish), a controversial technology that many companies such as Ubisoft, Square Enix, SEGA or Konami are already using and even implementing in their projects.

However, developers surveyed by GDC have shown a lack of interest in incorporating NFT into the projects they work on. 70% say they are not interested in implementing this type of material in their video games, while 21% say they are somewhat interested and 7% very interested. Only 1% of those consulted have assured that they are already working with NFT.

There is also no interest in using cryptocurrencies as a form of payment

Surveys have also asked about the cryptocurrencies and its use as currency in video games. 72% of those surveyed say they have no interest in introducing cryptocurrencies as a form of payment in their games, while again 21% say they are somewhat interested. 6% have shown great interest in this payment method and 1% say they are already using it in their projects.

The report also collects responses from some of the people surveyed: in some cases they say that NFTs are the future of video games, while in others they bring up environmental damage and the speculative scheme as main negative points. The truth is that although a part of the industry wants to advance in these terms, other companies have already shown their rejection of NFTs, such as Steam or Microsoft, and even others have had to back down after announcing them.

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