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Will there be a Deadpool game? Suda51 acknowledges talks with Marvel | LevelUp

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After the launch of No More Heroes III On Switch, Suda51 and his Grasshopper Manufacture studio began a new stage by joining the Chinese company NetEase Games. This decision provided new and different opportunities to make video games, so taking advantage of the hype, the Japanese creative stated that he would like to make a video game of Deadpool. What seemed like a dream could come true as it was confirmed that there was already a rapprochement with Marvel.

Suda51 will develop 3 games in the next 10 years

During an interview with the Japanese site Automaton, Suda51 revealed some details about their new projects. Initially, the creator pointed out that his plans with NetEase include the development of 3 new IPs over the next 10 years. In that sense, Suda51 assured that these are AA games developed in Unreal Engine 5 in which he will participate as director and to meet this goal they have begun to hire more staff at Grasshopper Manufacture.

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Suda51 acknowledged that he has had talks with people from Marvel

Subsequently, the Japanese creative ignited the hype of his fans and those who agree that a video game of Deadpool made by him would be a great idea. The foregoing after he acknowledged that he had talks with people from Marvel, although that was the only thing he said and did not mention whether there are real possibilities or not that the peculiar superhero reaches a video game, especially in these times when that type of titles are gaining great relevance.

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After the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and with the development of Wolverine, it is thought that the time is right for various video games of superheroes and villains from the comics and cinematic universes to exist. In the case of Deadpool, the mention of Suda51 was enough for fans to consider that he is the one to do something with the character.

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