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Unpresentable! Bobby Kotick makes fun of workers after buying Activision-Blizzard | LevelUp

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Although the purchase of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft augurs a positive change for the company’s workers, they are not willing to wipe the slate clean from what they experienced there in recent years, much less do so with respect to Bobby Kotick , the infamous CEO. The expectation is that Kotick will leave once the purchase is completed, many doubt that he will support being accountable to Phil Spencer, but apparently the manager has taken the situation as a personal triumph and proof of this took place during a special broadcast.

Activision workers are furious after Bobby Kotick event

In accordance with The Washington Post, Activision-Blizzard workers are furious with Bobby Kotick and Activision-Blizzard managers after hosting a broadcast in which the manager was supposed to take questions from employees. However, said event, held yesterday, turned out to be a pre-recorded broadcast in which Kotick, among all the uncomfortable questions for him and the board of directors, did not choose any and instead read alleged questions and comments that had nothing to do with the labor problems of the company.

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Employees preferred a press release over Kotick’s taunts

At the same time, the workers were upset because Kotick’s message only focused on video games, the metaverse and the worst thing is that the manager began to joke about the purchase of Microsoft, noting that he hopes to be out of Activision-Blizzard before Start using Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings.

On the other hand, an Activision-Blizzard worker expressed to the newspaper his dissatisfaction with Bobby Kotick’s transmission, which was scheduled to last half an hour and ended after 16 minutes. Likewise, he expressed his annoyance at the call for the transmission because it was raised as something important but it was not like that since the manager did not touch on any controversial issue: “they would have sent us the press release and we would have slept a few more minutes.”

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