Tuesday, October 4

Stranded Deep dates its physical edition • Console and Board

During this quarter, the physical edition of Stranded Deep on Nintendo Switch. Specifically, on March 25. Meridiem Games is in charge of distribution in Spain.


Stranded Deep is a survival game, set in the Pacific Ocean. As such, we will surround ourselves with constant dangers, with which to test our skills.

After a plane crash, we are alone. There is no possibility of asking for help, so our mission is to stay alive in a territory that seems to have no end. The terrifying encounters on the surface and below it do not miss the appointment, with their deadly situations.

We will explore on land and water, looking for supplies. We will need to create tools and weapons with which to defend ourselves, without forgetting a shelter. Hunger, thirst and cold may be the perfect allies to all the creatures that inhabit the Pacific.


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