Saturday, October 1

Sony denies it will make more PS4s due to PS5 shortage

An article recently surfaced that claimed that Sony I will have decided increase the number of PS4 consoles manufactured to respond to the demand of players who cannot get a PS5 due to stock problems. The idea, according to information from Bloomberg, was to increase the pace in the production of hardware last generation to offer an alternative to those who have not been able to get a console next-gen.

Today Sony has denied that information. He has done it in statements to the Japanese media NLab, in which he has assured that they planned to continue manufacturing PS4 and that it has not been a response to the shortage of PS5: “There was no plan to end production of PS4 at the end of last year”, explained a company spokesman. Information from Bloomberg assured that Sony planned to stop manufacturing last-generation consoles at the end of 2021 to focus on PS5, but that the shortage of semiconductors would have transformed these plans. Sony, as you can see, has denied it.

They will continue to manufacture and sell PS4 in parallel to PS5

Thus, we now know that Sony will continue to make PS4 but not as an alternative to PS5, but because it was part of his plans: “It is not true that we have suspended the end of production of PS4 due to the lack of PS5 (…) PS4 is one of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s best-selling consoles and, like the hardware of the past, we will produce and we will sell hardware new and old side by side during the transition period of the generation”, we can read in the statement offered by the firm’s spokesman.

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This plan contrasts with that of Microsoft, a company that stopped manufacturing its last generation console, Xbox One, at the end of 2020: “To focus on the production of Xbox Series X|S we have stopped the production of all Xbox One consoles at the end of 2020”, Cindy Walker, director of product marketing at Xbox, recently explained.

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