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Sonic, Mario and Link, imagined as starter Pokémon • Console and Board

The imagination of the players has no limit. Twitter user Casey’s Guts (COMMS OPEN) hasn’t been content with just creating starter Pokémon, but instead has given them the forms of Sonic, Mario y Link. The result could not have been better.


how do you share through your account, Sonic, Mario and Link are more than fit to be part of a new Pokémon generation. What will continue to be an unfulfilled dream has, at least, a materialization in the form of images.

Sonic, as it could not be less (given its color), becomes the initial of water. Under the name of Hoggy, it evolves into Gagofas and Sonigo. The second evolution adds the electric type. Mario it happens to be the one of fire, baptized as Tanuee. Without forgetting the mythical raccoon tail and the cap, he becomes Manuo and Omari. The last two are fire/flying.

For its part, Link It is the grass Pokémon. To his initial form, Rokiri, Yriki is added as the first evolution. For the second, we find Hyliki (plant/steel), showing off the outfit of this beloved character. Which of these three would you ask for as a starter?

mario pokemon

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