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Smash: subject posed as a woman to play in women’s tournaments and they discover it | LevelUp

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The competitive scene Super Smash Bros. It was the protagonist of strong scandals and controversies during 2020, to the extent that even Nintendo spoke about it. Unfortunately, the situation has not improved at all among the community, as it was discovered that a player was posing as a woman to participate in women’s tournaments of the franchise.

We refer to DarkPuma, who disappointed the community of players of Super Smash Bros. and esports in general with its tricks. According to the details, the player saw an opportunity and participated in various women’s competitions posing as one of his friends.

In this way he won in various competitions and snatched both the prizes and the opportunity to win from various players on the circuit. DarkPuma was recently exposed, so he publicly apologized and returned the money he won in a recent tournament. The community disapproved of his behavior, so he was banned from various competitions until further notice.

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DarkPuma was discovered and the community condemned his actions

The Gaming Sisters organization, made up of women who organize esports events, spoke out about DarkPuma’s behavior. This after it was found that the player was posing as a woman to compete in exclusively female tournaments under the name of Noir.

The player participated in several editions of Smash Brothers Ladies of Smash, breaking not only the rules of the competition for women, but also breaking the trust of the entire community.

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Gaming Sisters and other groups accused him of committing fraud of this type for a time and in various competitions, where he won prize money. So he was also pointed out for theft and for ruining the events.

“I have known DarkPuma for a long time through the Smash Brothers Facebook community and I never thought I would be able to do something like this. I never suspected he was Noir, I had no reason to. I am horrified and disappointed by what he did (…) although he apologized and returned what he stole, the bracket cannot be undone; the results of both tournaments would have been completely different were it not for this heinous act,” wrote player and streamer Rendragon.

As you can imagine, the community in general disapproved of DarkPuma’s behavior. Within a short time, several esports organizations and tournament organizers banned him from their events. Likewise, groups such as Ladies for Smash promised to improve their selection process to prevent this situation from repeating itself in the future.

“We want you to understand the damage you have caused to our tournaments and the pain felt by the community. You cannot undo what you have done and I hope you understand what you have taken from our community,” Rendragon added. Below you can see the player’s full statement:

DarkPuma publicly apologized to the community of Smash

After everything came to light, the player had no choice but to apologize publicly with a statement. In it he confirms that he returned the money won in his most recent competition where he played as Noir.

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She accepted that she pretended to be her best friend to be able to enter the tournaments and asked not to blame anyone else for her attitudes, since he is the only one responsible for this deception. On the other hand, he stressed that he accepts the consequences of his actions.

“Seriously, I sincerely apologize to all the people I am affecting with this, especially to the women who had the confidence to let anyone enter their events, despite knowing deep down that These types of situations affect them day by day, ”says part of the player’s statement.

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