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PS5 will sell twice as much as Xbox Series in 2022 but Switch will be the best seller, according to analysts

Piers Harding-Rolls, director of the analyst firm Ampere, has shared his estimates regarding the sale of consoles in 2022. During the past year the best-selling console in most territories was Nintendo Switch (in Japan it sold five times more than Nintendo). the rest, in the United Kingdom it was also the most successful and in Spain it has been in the lead most weeks) and apparently this year we will also see a clear predominance of the hybrid in the world market, reinforced above all by its OLED model , according to the analyst.

As he explains in a video published by the official Ampere Analysis Twitter account, the console market will grow in 2022 thanks to a slow improvement of the stock of the hardware of video games, which, as we know, is not going through its best moment due to the shortage of components and semiconductors. For Harding-Rolls, the arrival of new units on the market will mean that at the end of the year PS5 will have sold 18 million of consoles worldwide, doubling the estimated number of Xbox Series X/S, to stay in 9 million of units.

Nintendo Switch will remain unbeatable in 2022

Even so, as we said at the beginning, for this analyst the best-selling console of 2022 will once again be Nintendo Switch, that will add 21 million new consoles sold Worldwide. If these estimates turn out to be true, the hybrid would close the year with a total of 120 million consoles sold since its launch five years ago, exceeding the 118.69 million Game Boy and placing a little closer to 154.02 million. nintendo ds, the second best-selling console in history. This year it has already managed to break a record within the franchise itself, since according to estimates in five years it has sold more than Wii sold in its eight years of life.

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