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Pokémon TCG next set will include shinies and a new rarity category | LevelUp

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The Pokémon Company is constantly releasing sets of its popular Pokémon TCG trading card game. The most recent Fusion Strike (Fusion Strike) debuted in November of last year, however, there are a couple of them on the way and the one that has just been announced will have as its main attraction the inclusion of cards from a new shiny variant along with a rarity category never seen before.

The next Pokémon TCG expansion, Brilliant Stars (Bright Stars) has already debuted in Japan and in February it will begin to be sold in the West. The Pokémon Company goes a step further and has already revealed the new expansion Battle Legion (tentative localized name).

The interesting thing about this new expansion is that, in addition to continuing with the novelty VSTAR of Brilliant Stars, will introduce the Sparkling Pokémon, which are the elusive shiny or shiny versions of the creatures. Something curious is that its holographic pattern will be multi-frame, which resembles the animation effect when shiny Pokémon (square shiny) appear in games.

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Battle Legion will include shiny cards with their own mechanics and rarity

This new type of cards will not only introduce the shiny Pokémon under the title Sparkling, but will also have its own mechanics and there can only be 1 card of this class in the player’s deck.

There have already been cards featuring shiny versions of Pokémon. One of them, for example, had its own category, Pokémon ☆, which debuted in the expansion EX Team Rocket Returns. But this time it is striking that the Sparkling Pokémon will have their own rarity category, K, which apparently refers to the Japanese word Kagayaku (sparkly).

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According to information from Pokébeach, the set will include 67 normal cards in addition to the Secret Rares and each pack will contain 6 cards for ¥260 JPY. The set Battle Legion will debut on February 25 in Japan. It is unknown when it will be available in the West.

As of this writing, only Greninja and Hawlucha have been revealed in their Sparkling version. Below you can see them.

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Imagen: The Pokémon Company
Imagen: The Pokémon Company
Imagen: The Pokémon Company

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