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PlayStation 5 will sell twice as much as Xbox Series X | S in 2022 according to analysis | LevelUp

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It has already been 1 year since the debut of the current Sony and Microsoft consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, respectively. As these are the 2 consoles that have the most even competition, it’s always interesting to see how well they’re doing in terms of sales and it looks like 2022 is going to be a great year for Sony.

The market analysis firm specialized in digital content and video games Ampere Analysis carried out an annual analysis related to video game consoles and the market situation for 2022.

Analyst Piers Harding-Rolls commented that the availability of current generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft had serious problems in 2021, but it is estimated that it will improve throughout the year.

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PlayStation 5 will approach the annual sales of Nintendo Switch

Thanks to this, the sales of both consoles will be boosted in 2022 and something that stands out in the analysis is that it is estimated that worldwide sales of PlayStation 5 will double those of Xbox Series X|S. Specifically, Xbox Series X|S is forecast to sell 9 million units and PlayStation 5 will sell 18 million systems.

Despite this, this sales boost will not be enough to unseat the current king of annual sales in the world: the Nintendo Switch, which is expected to sell 21 million units in 2022.

However, what is interesting is that the difference in sales between these consoles will narrow. This is not a bad thing for Nintendo Switch, since it is a system that is considered to be of the last generation and that on March 3 will already be 5 years old on the market.

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Xbox is expected to continue betting heavily on Xbox Game Pass in 2022

This may not seem like a good thing for Xbox users, but especially for Microsoft. However, it will also be a great year for Xbox Series X | S in terms of sales, which, as we mentioned, will be boosted thanks to an improvement in availability compared to the previous year.

There is also good news for users of these consoles, since, as Ampere Analysis analyst Katie Holt comments, Microsoft brought more than 50 games to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service on its opening day and this trend is expected to continue. continue in 2022.

We remind you that Xbox has already anticipated that it will strengthen its Xbox Game Pass catalog with Activision Blizzard King titles thanks to its latest acquisition. Although it is important to mention that the agreement will be finalized at some point in 2023, so there will be no ABK additions this year.

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