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Monster Hunter Rise: Capcom ends annoying bug that prevented play on PC | LevelUp

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Monster Hunter Rise It recently arrived on PC, but many players were disappointed to find that they couldn’t enjoy the title due to an annoying bug. Capcom promised a fix last week, and the patch is finally here.

The company explained that the most recent update ends the problem to generate save data and thus be able to start the title without problems. In addition, he explained a process that it is necessary to do in case of having suffered the bug before.

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This fixes the save bug Monster Hunter Rise and PC

To begin with, it is necessary to clarify that the update focuses on solving the save data problem, so it does not include other relevant news or adjustments. If you experienced the problem before downloading it, you should know that there are some additional steps to take after applying the patch.

Capcom asked players to disable Steam Cloud, the platform’s cloud game save, and remove local save data that may have been generated by the bug.

Likewise, the company warned that it is necessary to verify which version of the game you have, since matchmaking does not work between different versions. Lastly, he apologized for all the inconvenience caused by this bug. Below I leave you the steps that you must follow if you suffered the problem and you just downloaded the update:

  • Disable Steam Cloud and close Steam: go to your library in Steam, right click on Monster Hunter Rise, go to “Properties”, “General”, “Steam Cloud” and deselect the option
  • Delete the local save data of the full version: go to the C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata(User ID)1446780 folder and delete the “remote” folder. Be careful not to delete any other folders!
  • Start the game and create new save data
  • Quit the game, enable the Steam Cloud feature that you disabled in the first step
  • The next time you start the game, select [Upload to the Steam Cloud] (Upload to Steam Cloud) in the window that will appear
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Monster Hunter Rise is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC. Look for more news about the title at this link.

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