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Is the Roku remote IR or RF?

There are many different Roku players, and each one comes with a recognizable Roku remote. But not all Roku remotes are created equal. Infrared (IR) remotes are the standard, although some Roku models come with RF (radio frequency) remotes.

You know what’s yours? This article will tell you how to tell the difference between the two types of Roku remotes and what to do if they’re not working properly.

¿IR o RF?

Most standard remotes use infrared technology, and Roku is no different. The Roku IR remote does not have any of the unique features that the RF remote has. However, the quickest way to find out what type of remote you have is to look for the pairing button.

Remove the battery cover, and if there is no pairing button on the bottom, you have the IR remote. If there is a pairing button, your remote is of the RF variety. When it comes to Roku devices, the IR remote is compatible with most Roku TVs, Roku 1, 2, and 3, Roku HD, and Roku Streaming Stick+.

If your Roku remote isn’t working

How many times have you found yourself banging the remote against the coffee table to get it to work? And why does that work so often? But before you push too hard on the remote, here are a few other things to try.

Replace batteries

You put batteries in your Roku remote and forget about them. They can last a long time. But one day you’re pointing your Roku IR remote at the TV and nothing happens. First, remove and then reinsert the batteries.

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If that doesn’t work, try replacing them with a new pair. That should be your first course of action, even when it comes to the Roku RF remote.

Look for Obstacles

If you have a Roku IR remote, you need to be careful around obstacles. Do you see the front of the Roku device from where you are sitting? If not, make sure you do. Then try a little gymnastics with the remote.

Hold it higher, then lower, side to side, and whatever else you can get it to respond to. Obstacles are no problem for the Roku RF Remote. You should be able to send the signal from across the room and even if you are in another room.


Try a different remote

If there are no obstacles between the IR remote and your Roku device, and the batteries are fresh, it might be time for a new remote. But first use another compatible IR remote to make sure. If that remote works, then it’s time to replace your IR remote.

You can try the same with your RF remote. If you can get another try to pair it to see if it works. If everything works fine then you probably need a new one.

Roku IR or RF remote control

Reboot your Roku device

You can try restarting your device and resetting your remote as well. Unplug the Roku player for at least five seconds. Then remove the batteries from the remote.

Now, reconnect the Roku device and wait for the home screen to appear. Only then put the batteries back into the remote. Wait another half minute to try using your Roku remote again.

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Use the HDMI extension cable

You should try this solution only if you have an RF remote. If you have a Streaming Stick+, you may experience some issues with your RF remote.

The Roku Stick is connected through the HDMI port, and sometimes this can interfere with the performance of your remote. You can fix this problem by getting an HDMI extension cable so that your HDMI connector is further away from the TV.

Roku remote control

Keep your remotes close

The Roku remote is simple in design, ergonomic, and comes in both IR and RF variants. Both models can be replaced, but it’s best to keep your original Roku remote safe and change the batteries regularly.

What kind of Roku remote do you have? And how often do you change the batteries? Let us know in the comments section.

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