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Halo Infinite: Season 2 will have a novelty that your wallet will appreciate | LevelUp

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Halo Infinite it has received multiple criticisms for its progression system and the price of its content packs. Fortunately, 343 Industries has listened to the community to improve the experience, so they’ve already made some big changes, like lowering prices in the in-game store.

The company wants its players’ wallets not to suffer too much, so it announced another novelty that will undoubtedly be very well received by players. Starting with Multiplayer Season 2, credits for the title will be earned through gameplay.

This is a great step towards keeping fans happy and getting rid of teething problems that arose during launch. Jerry Hook, Head of Design at the studio, spoke a bit about this development on social networks.

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Credits for Halo Infinite will be available soon in the Battle Pass

Hook thanked players for their continued feedback to improve the game’s multiplayer. Halo Infinite. He stressed that they have been keeping a close eye on all issues regarding the store, content packs, and their pricing, as they know the community is concerned.

As a result, they decided that, as soon as Season 2 starts, the credits will be able to be obtained by playing, since they will be part of the Battle Pass. This is great news for players who invest their leisure time to unlock rewards, as they will soon receive credits as well.

“Thanks to your continued feedback, we’re pleased to confirm that credits will be earnable in the Season 2 Battle Pass. That means you’ll be able to earn credits as part of your progress in Halo Infinite. We’ll have more to share on that as we get closer to Season 2,” Hook wrote.

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The community was happy with the news, as they believe it is a fair move that will give fans much more incentive to continue playing. On the other hand, there were also upset players, as they demanded a refund from the studio for the credits they recently purchased.

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Halo Infinite is available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC. Search this link for all the news related to the new installment.

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