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GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is coming to Switch in physical format on February 11

Although it was planned for early December, shortly after the digital release, the physical education from Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy The Definitive Edition it was delayed on consoles in the absence of a few days before it was put on sale. On PS4 and Xbox One the postponement was only a matter of a week, but that of Nintendo Switch was delayed indefinitely, with the only indication that it could be purchased sometime in early 2022.

Now we finally know what the release date of the physical format of this collection will be; has been Nintendo Spain, through a tweet in your official accountHe, who has announced that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy The Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch will hit stores in physical format next February 11th. In some of the usual shops in our country it can already be found in reserve at a price of around 54,99 . In the box, whose image you can see inserted below these lines, a clarification is included: the cartridge will not contain all the data and additional download required.

Three classics that redefined the open world

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy The Definitive Edition It went on sale in November of last year for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. This year it will also launch on iOS and Android. His performance was the subject of debate during the days after the premiere, due to a multitude of failures that, according to the CEO of Take-Two, they have been completely corrected. In our analysis we told you that this collection “It has been very far from being that definitive version that we expected of three major classics that forever redefined open world action games.

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