Friday, September 30

Get GTA 5 running on an original Game Boy thanks to streaming

If anyone has ever wondered if it would be possible play Grand Theft Auto V on an original Game Boy, today we bring you the answer: more or less. The programmer and youtuber Sebastian Staacks has managed to make the Rockstar Games game work on Nintendo’s mythical laptop thanks to an invention that allows it to play videos and games remotely; technically we can ensure that this successful title of the saga Grand Theft Auto appears on the console screen, although at the moment of truth both controlling it and distinguishing objects and characters is practically impossible.

Let’s go by parts. Sebastian Stacks has managed to create a Game Boy cartridge with Wi-Fi, a brilliant invention that has been perfected until it works and with which you can, as we said before, reproduce practically anything that appears on your computer monitor on the console screen. Not content with this, the programmer has gone one step further and has managed to make the buttons on the laptop be recognized by the sending device, the computer in this case, thus creating a kind of Unmodified Game Boy with which you can play in streaming (ms or menos).

Other modern games running on the Game Boy

Obviously, the gameboy limitations they make playing games and watching videos on your screen a complete hassle. The point here, however, is that Sebastian Staacks has come up with a crazy invention and has succeeded in making it happen. Thanks to this, not only can you browse YouTube to watch videos, but you have also been able to remotely play video games such as the aforementioned Grand Theft Auto V, but also others such as Crysis The DOOM. There is hardly anything on the screen and the controls are impossible, but they are working.

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If you want to see more crazy Game Boy adaptations, check out this port of Tomb Raider for Game Boy Advance, a project that does run the game natively on the handheld.

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